Stranger Project

Photographer Benoit Paille is an astounding portrait photographer who’s Stranger Project is absolutely beautiful. Here’s a little about his project in his own words:

  I started this project in 2007, my first goal when i started is to breack the usual rule of « dont speack to stranger, dont disturbe people in public space»  So this is my approche at first:

Questioning the modern world in which we are living and trying to break this individualism and the anonymity of the big city. By going into “Non-lieux” (no existing places) (subways, malls, and crowded streets at rush hours …;) and by talking to people to take photos, I break the usual way this modern world works for a few instants. I make real these “non-lieux” by creating an event that the stranger will remember.

So all my model are stanger meeting in the street, trains, subway, mails,etc. These photography are a small selection of my 222 photography from this longterms project.

I love portraiture because I’ve always been fascinated by visual storytelling, its the reason why I’m in film school and work in Hollywood. I have so much respect for photographers who can capture such rich stories as the ones above; its such an amazing skill.

Look at the rest of this collection here.

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?


For a class, I had to watch and analyze the production design of one of my favorite films Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and while I was trying to pay attention to the design of the film, I became utterly distracted by the way Haskell Wexler shot it.


For those of you who haven’t seen this, its an incredibly powerful film with some of the best acting you’re likely to see in your life. Another reason to see this film is because it proves that isn’t possible to make Elizabeth Taylor look bad, she’s beautiful in any makeup she’s given.